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So Atlast I said no to facebook .. #Interviews

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I said no to facebook .. i am missing you too guys 

Namastey dosto ..hope you are doing all good .. So Today i have a bad news for the friends who can't live without doing chat with me .. i wish i can chat with you too but i have some reason due to which i can't come online there because I am addicted to it too much .. if i will come even to check my wall post , notification and messages or even the Friends requests ( Lol friend request from girls :P yeah i get friend request from girls sometime ) then i won't logout .. I don't know what i do there even when no body is chatting with me i keep my facebook always login on my Ipad ..

Badly missing me ?

I am sorry guys if you are really missing me i am unable to login to my facebook because i waste too much time there even when nobody is chatting with me .. ya i do some productive things too on facebook like i share knowledge with my other blogger friends but still i can't come online on facebook and the reason i can't come online on facebook is .. I have interviews with 3 Good companies in next 6 days

Would you like to know the name of those companies ?

I am happy that you are showing interest in knowing the name of companies in which i am going to give interview well without wasting of time i am revealing the name of those great companies.

1. JKT ( JK technosoft Ltd.)
2. Daffodils Software Ltd.
3. Intelligrape

Well JKT is coming to my college ( Krishna Engineering College ) on 17 Oct 2015 ( Saturday ) JKT company is of J.K. Organization .. I have seen their company last Sunday .. I gone there with my friend Kunal Singh ( My classmate and bestie also ) The expected salary that JKT will give to freshers is Rs. 3 Lakh per annum.

Daffodils Software Ltd is also one of good company for the CS and IT department they are also giving the same package to the freshers of Rs. 3 Lakh per annum. and the Daffodils is coming on 18 Oct 2015 ( Sunday ).

Intelligrape is one of the core company according to information that i got from my seniors and teachers . Intelligrape is the first company of this month which is giving highest package so far and the package that they are giving is of Rs. 4.25 lakh per annum to the freshers .
Intelligrape is coming to Krishna Engineering College on 20 Oct 2015 ( Tuesday )

Guys wait Have you read my first post ? 

Oh you haven't read it yet ? Then you can read it from here-

Reasons why i started my own personal blog.

Hope now you can understand my reason of not coming online on Facebook ..Well if you have some work or want some help in urgent then you can drop a Mail or shout out your queries at  or you can also Call on my number or can SMS on my Mobile You can take my number from my facebook account :P

I think you are missing something :( yes the thing that you are missing is to say me ALL THE BEST for the placement :P What are waiting for ? just drop a comment and wish me best Luck Thankyou.

Arpit Mittal 

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